Rudolph's Wish...

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Hiya All...

Now it's time to find out what happened when Rudolph's wish came true...

Wishes & Dreams...


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Christmas was over. Santa and his reindeer finally had a chance to rest. 
And they deserved it. They had done a good job.

Rudolph had a chance to do something he had wanted to do for a long
time. He made an appointment with a plastic surgeon because he was so
sensitive about his looks.

However, it wasn't his glowing proboscis that he wanted changed. He was
proud of his nose and the help he had given Santa because of it. No, he
was sensitive about his long ears which were much more prominent than
the ears of the average reindeer, or bear, for that matter.

So one week after Christmas, he let the good doctor do the
reconstructive surgical procedure, and since that time, January 1st has
been celebrated as ...  New Ears Day.

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