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Today we learn about one lady who has been putting the 'Good Book' to
good use...this was sent in by Kathleen...

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I don't know what to call the opposite of a Darwin award, but it should
go to this Hispanic mom in Queen's, N.Y. who used a Holy Bible to bash a
sex assailant's head in:

By Joe McGurk

April 10, 2003 -- Ramona Pimentel believes she was saved from a
screwdriver-wielding sex attacker by some divine intervention - in the
form of the Holy Bible she used to bash the attacker's head. The
55-year-old Queens mother of three also credited her rescue to the
intercession of a good Samaritan neighbor, who rushed into her apartment
and helped subdue the violent thug, who died during the melee. 

"He had evil in him," Pimentel said of Roderick Rollins, who cops said
broke into her apartment at 128-14 Van Wyck Expressway at about 3:30
a.m. Tuesday. 

"I'm happy he'll never do this again, but I feel sad because he died."
Pimentel said Rollins entered her first-floor apartment through the
bathroom window, found her bedroom then jumped on her, demanding money.

After hitting him with her bedside Bible, she bit Rollins' hand,
wrestled him into the dining room and fell to the floor. The noise
alerted downstairs neighbor Guillermo Olivo, who rushed upstairs to
help. Pimentel said she handed him one of her son's baseball trophies
and he hit Rollins in the head with it, dazing him. Olivo then put him
in a choke hold.

Cops came about 15 minutes later and took Rollins away. He died of his
injuries, cops said. The Queens district attorney's office said they
were looking into the incident, but a police source close to the case
said Rollins' death appeared to be "justified."

- NY Post

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