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In today's tale, we meet an unfortunate father being compared by his
daughter to Tiger Woods...

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Upon sitting down for dinner this past Sunday, my 6-year-old daughter
Emma asked why the television was on in the adjacent room. I explained
to her that I'd been watching the Redskins lose and Tiger Woods win
while she was taking a pre-dinner walk with her grandmother.

Here's the conversation that followed:

Emma: "Daddy, is Tiger Woods the best golfer in the universe?"

Me: "Well, he's probably the best golfer in the world, and some people
think that he's the best golfer ever."

Emma: "Does he get a gigantic castle for his prize then?"

Me: "No, but he could probably buy one with all the money he wins."

Emma: "How much does he win?"

Me: "Hmmm" (while trying to put it in terms she'd understand)

Emma: "Does he win enough to buy a house?"

Me: "Good question - he could probably buy a new house EVERY TIME he

Emma: "Daddy - why don't YOU play golf?"

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