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Hiya Folks...

In today's tale, we enjoy a game of darts in entertaining company...

Wishes & Dreams...


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A very drunk man goes into a bar and orders a drink. The bartender
serves him and asks him if he would like to try the bar game of darts.
Three in the bullseye and win a prize. Only a dollar for three darts.

The drunk agrees and throws the first dart. A bullseye! He downs another
drink, takes aim on wobbly feet, lets go... Two bulls eyes!! Two more
quick drinks go down. Barely able to stand, he lets go of the last dart.
Three bulls eyes!!!

All are astounded. No one has ever won before. The bartender searches
for a prize... grabs a turtle from the bar's terrarium and presents it
to the drunk as his prize.

Three weeks pass. The drunk returns and orders more drinks, then
announces he would like to try the dart game again. To the total
amazement and wonderment of all the local drunks, he scores three more
bulls eyes and demands his prize.

The bartender, being a sort of drunk himself, and a bit short of memory,
doesn't know what to give, so he asks the drunk, "Say, what did you win
the last time?"

And the drunk responds:

"A roast beef sandwich on a hard roll!"

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