End of the Date...

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Fri, 23 Nov 01 01:14:43 -0000

Hiya All...

In today's slightly naughty tale, we take a peek at a chap whose date
doesn't come to the end he expects...

Wishes & Dreams...


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This boy takes his girlfriend back to her home after being out together,
and when they reach the front door he leans with one hand on the wall
and says to her, "Sweetie, why don't you give me a blowjob?"

"What? You're crazy???!!!"

"Don't worry, it will be quick, no problem."

"No!! Someone may see; a relative, a neighbor..."

"At this time of the night no one will show up."

"I've already said NO, and NO!"

"Honey, it's just a small blowjob...I know you like it too."

"NO!!! I've said NO!!!"

"Baby...don't be like that."
At this moment the younger sister shows up at the door in her night-gown
with hair a mess, rubbing her eyes and says...

"Dad says either you blow him, I blow him, or he'll come down and blow
the guy himself, but for God's sake tell your boyfriend to take his hand
off the intercom."

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