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Today's tale recounts an event where author Isaac Asimov was due to

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Just before I was to rise to give a talk once, the gentleman who was to 
introduce me asked if he might read from the correspondence that had
been exchanged prior to agreement on the terms under which I would

Without remembering the details of the correspondence, I said genially, 

It turned out that he read the letter in which the committee offered me
their usual honorarium which was just half my minimum. He then read my
answer in which I had responded, with cheerful conceit (never dreaming
it would be made public): "Since I am at least twice as good as the
average speaker you will get, I want twice the fee you offer. You will
see that I'm worth the extra money when I talk to your group."

Having read this, he sat down, and I was compelled to stand up and face
an audience that had just found out it had paid over twice as much as
usual and looked as though I had *better* be twice as good as other
speakers or else!

- Isaac Asimov

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