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On March 12, 1998, during the noon news, this news service reported;
"NASA has announced that an asteroid will come within 3000 miles of the
Earth and that there was a potential for total destruction of our
Planet. This asteroid is due to arrive at 2028 military time or 8:28PM
local time. Therefore, may strongly encourage everyone to immediately
follow these instructions:
1. Do not panic.
2. Everyone should mercifully kill your own children; sparing them the
agony of a horrible death, as the Earth disintegrates.
3. Since watching the Earth disintegrate will cause panic, claw out your
own eyes, so you won't see "The End."
We have since been informed that this news story had a small error and
should have said;
"The asteroid is due to arrive in THE YEAR 2028."
We know that there are many viewers who followed our advice to prepare
for the end, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that we
may have caused.

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