City Slickers...

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Mon, 26 Aug 02 01:55:10 +0100

Hiya Folks...

Time now to head for the country, to see how a couple of duck-hunting
city slickers are getting on...

Wishes & Dreams...


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City Slickers

Two city slickers were coming to the end of a long day of duck hunting
without any ducks. 

They couldn't understand what had happened, they bought the best
equipment, had a well-trained Labrador, the best decoys, and had arrived
plenty early enough to get set up before dawn. 

Not wanting to be made fun of at the office they decided to stay until
last light and try to figure out what was wrong.  

After making mental checks of the events of the entire day one looked at
the other and asked: "Do you think we are throwing the dog high enough?"

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