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A businessman went to the local Priest to talk about what to do about 
business. He explained to the Priest that his business was lousy, he was 
losing customers everyday, and that he didn't know which way to turn, he
had considered suicide.  

The priest told him to go to the beach with a beach chair and a Bible,
then sit down in the chair, open the Bible, and let the wind turn the
pages, after a period of time, place your finger on any place on these
two pages, and that will be your answer.

Six months later the businessman drives up to see the Priest, the
businessman is driving a brand new Caddilac, he is wearing alligator
shoes, and the best suit money can buy. He see the Priest, and the
Priest is really impressed, especially when the businessman gives the
church a $50,000 donation. The priest asks him what advice did he get
from the Bible.  

He said, "I did like you said, I went to the beach and I let the wind
rifle through the Bible, and then I put my finger down on the page like
you said."

The priest said, "My son, where did your finger land?"

The businessman smiled and said, "Chapter 11."

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