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Now it's time to discover what the waiters do with their two spoons...

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Two Spoons

We noticed that all the waiters in this New York restaurant carried two
spoons in their vest pocket. Naturally, we were curious. We asked a
waiter why.
'Sir, as a result of an efficiency study by the management, it was
determined that the most frequently dropped silverware item was a spoon.
Therefore, all the waiters carry two spoons so that the item can be
instantly replaced.'
As he was explaining that we noticed a string hanging out of the fly of
his pants. So, we asked about that.
'Sir, that's another efficiency study result. When we have to go to the
bathroom, we use the string to pull ourselves out and aim. Therefore, we
do not have to stop to wash our hands.'
We replied, 'I understand how you can get yourself out and aim, but how
do you get yourself back in.'
'Well,' replied the waiter, 'I don't know about the other guys, but I
use the two spoons!'

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