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 Subject : Windows95 v4.00c
    I am using Windows95 version 4.00c.  This version is the  
    latest bug-fixed and feature-enhanced version of Windows95.
    I downloaded it directly from MSN (MicroSoft Network) last
    night and installed it.
    When I click the 
        | Start |   button, 
    it shows
        |       Programs   > |
        |       Documents  > |
        |       Settings   > |
        |       Find       > |
        |       Help         |
        |       Run...       |
        |       Shut Down    |
        |       Shut Up      |
        | Start |
    If you're familiar with Windows95, you may notice the new
    element "Shut Up".   Listed below is the readme file of 
    this new Windows95 element.
    Microsoft Windows 95 Shut Down Readme
    System Requirements
    All the things needed for running Windows95, a sound card and
    What's Shut Up 
    New Shut Up Windows95 element enables you to work with your
    computer continuously in a quiet and comfortable environment.
    This new Windows95 enhancement is designed for Windows95 users
    and can easily be installed on Windows95.  This enhancement
    was developed and dedicated to Win95 users who cannot sit in
    front of their computers and explore the new OS quietly for more
    than 15 minutes, especially when they are using the PC at home.
    Who it's for
    (1) Married men or living together with girlfriend(s).
    (2) Have kid(s).
    (3) Young people still living with their parents.
    How to Use
    Click the START button from the taskbar, select SHUT UP and
    When to Use
    When you hear unbearable noise or murmur or complaint generated 
    by your wife, gal(s), kid(s) or parents which make you feel malaise
    and you cannot continue to have fun with your PC, just simply click
    SHUT UP.  SHUT UP will play a WAV file containing a voice in
    very high intensity saying "Shut Up" which can temporarily enable 
    you to have a quiet environment to continue with your work.
    If you click Shut Up many times and it does not help, you'll
    need to 
    (a) Turn on your speaker and make sure it works.
    (b) Look up "Troubleshooting" in the Help Content.
    (b) Shut Down
    (c) Download the later version of Shut Up, available later this

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