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Athletes are always trying to find new foods and other concoctions that
will improve their performance - lets see how sophisticated these have

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Fast Food
In the 1960s Gatorade was supposed to be the magic sports elixir. 

In the 70s many athletes consumed bee pollen to energize themselves to
the max. 

A few years ago a Chinese coach who trained record-breaking long-
distance runners claimed that they ran faster when they snacked on
Now comes a Japanese coach extolling a new drink that synthesizes a
fluid found in giant hornets that allows them to fly 60 miles in a day.
He says it gives his runners a helpful buzz.
OK, I'll get with the program. I'm willing to put a few of my cat's
hairballs in a blender with a pint of Scotch. That should get 'em off
and running!
Source: THE NEW YORK TIMES, 1/3/01

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