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Thu, 21 Feb 02 02:46:46 -0000

Hiya People...

Today Pete sends us this offering from his friend Simon, sentenced to
endure a team building day...

Wishes & Dreams...


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In a few short hours I'll be off learning what team means, how to
achieve through teamwork and interfacing with workgroups (etc, etc).

So when you are sitting there, surfing the web, chatting with friends or
just watching TV. Think of me.

'Cos I'll be learning how to proactively leverage my talents in a team
based workgroup. Building on common ground to communicate in workgroups
of talented individuals allowing success to become a personal standard.

I'll be seeing everything as a challenge to succeed and strengthening
the department with my goals for excellence. My customer focus will
allow me to support and enable others in the work they do.

In fact I'll be actively seeking opportunities to add coherence to the
team and maintain a level of support, decisiveness and personal
excellence that will act as an inspiration to others.

Because we all must remember

T ogether
E veryone
A cheives
M ore

Let our mantra morning, noon and night be success. I am a winner. I act
as a winner and with my colleagues we will take ourselves to the next
level (and beyond) of collective excellence.

I thank you


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