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This time around we have an apparently-true news item which demonstrates
that justice can get a bit carried away at times...

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The Punishment Should Fit The Nut

A Texas prosecutor is defending his aggressive handling of the case
against a man who was sentenced to 16 years in prison for stealing a
candy bar.

Smith County District Attorney Jack Skeen tells The Dallas Morning News
he bumped the theft charge against Kenneth Payne to a felony because of
his 10-year record of 10 convictions - including theft, assault and
possession of drugs.

One of the convictions was for stealing a bag of Oreo cookies. The
current case involved the theft of a $1 Snickers bar from a grocery last
December. Payne was on parole for felony theft at the time.

Payne's attorney is promising to appeal the sentence. University of
Texas law professor Robert Dawson says prosecution of the 29-year-old
Payne as a habitual criminal seems harsh.  

He notes that it costs $14,000 a year to keep an inmate in prison in
Texas, and over 16 years "that probably comes out to about $800 a
peanut. That seems a little high."

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