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This time, we find out how many Presidential Aides it takes to change a
light bulb...

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How Many Presidential Aides Does It Take To Change a Light Bulb? Not
surprisingly, the number depends on the President...

NIXON: Only one to change the light bulb but five to go out in the
middle of the night and steal the light bulb. Then nine to lie and cover
up for the five who got caught stealing the light bulb.

FORD: Three to select the study committee, nine to sit on the study
committee, five to review the study committee's report, one to shelve
the report.

CARTER: The president went out himself and purchased a dozen bulbs at a
discount, then he changed the bulb himself. Then it took three to write
the press release, two to apologize for violating union rules, and five
union electricians to put back the old burned out bulb.

REAGAN: One to shoot out the old burned out bulb with a 45. Then a
carpenter, a plasterer and an electrician to replace the fixture.

BUSH: Twenty five to smuggle cocaine from Colombia and divert the
profits to light bulb purchase. Three to launder the excess funds. Two
to explain that the president was out of the loop.

CLINTON: "I will say this only one time: I did not change the light

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