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Tue, 26 Jun 2001 23:18:30 +0100

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Since love quizzes are so popular in all sorts of magazines these days,
perhaps it's time we shared one here...

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The Love Quiz
1. What three household items are your idea for a romantic evening? 

a) A roll of duct tape, a can of beans and some pliers.
b) A wig, an umbrella and some jumper cables.
c) A snow globe, a water gun and some piano wire
2. When you're whispering in your loved one's ear, how might they

a) "How dare you talk about my momma!"
b) "Can you move? I can't see the television."
c) "Yes I paid the light bill."
3. Which Stooge best describes how you and your partner fool around?
a) Curly - active and full of energy
b) Moe - abusive and mean
c) Larry - you know.. 

4.Which of the following  is your idea of a romantic meal?

a) Double Quarter Pounder with cheese Meal from McDonalds.
b) The Big Beef Burrito Supreme Meal from Taco Bell
c) An order of Buffalo Wings from Domino's pizza
5. What is your favorite part of your lover's body?

a) The part they can put behind their head.
b) The part they put in your ear.
c) The part that can fix your dinner

Total the points for the answers you gave
1)  a=5
2)  a=10 

3)  a=10
4)  a=5
5)  a=5
What does it all mean?

50-41: A Rose
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and you, my friend, have
dived head first in a vat of the old "Love Potion Number Nine."
40-31: A Sunflower
Your techniques are dead on target but a little refresher course from
Mr. Feelgood might raise your HMO, if you know what I mean. (Actually I
don't know what I mean.) 
30-21: A Daffodil
Things will heat up when the pressure's on but they can disappear
quickly with a quick gust of the wind. Kiss your lover before they kiss
you goodbye. 
20-11: A Tulip
Chances are your significant other thinks you're boring, dull and
unattractive. Now here's the bad news...
10-0: Crabgrass
Your significant other thinks you're clinically dead. 

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